• Caliber:9mm Luger
  • Trigger mechanism:N / A
  • Trigger pull weight:N / A
  • Overall length:N / A
  • Height without magazine:N / A
  • Width:N / A
  • Barrel length:N / A
  • Weight:N / A
  • Standard magazine capacity:N / A

MK12, the handle of the Mk12 is made of polyamide GF 30 and comes with four different sized interchangeable hand grips. Easy to remove grips make the gun an ideal choice for multi user shooting practice disciplines as well as for special units of military forces. Frame is also equipped with universal tactic Picatinny rail MIL STD 1913. The Q100 is standard size SA self loading pistol with rotating barrel for extremely low recoil, ergonomically designed shape and all controls ambidextrous enabling full shooting comfort for right and left handed shooters. High quality materials, the latest advanced production technology processes available and strict quality control assures extreme resistance, accuracy and shooting comfort. Ten years of production with simultaneous research of the latest advanced technology and high quality materials used to make improvements and material upgrades make the model K100 (ancestor of Q100 masterpiece) stand out from it's competitors.

The slide is made of high quality CrNiMo steel, which guarantees long durability for the firearm. The steel is heat processed to a hardness of 40 – 42 HRC and consequently carbonoxi-nitrided by QPQ technology to 750 HV. The metal container with the slide rails is embedded in a plastic frame and is manufactured from high quality CrMo steel and reconditioned by QPQ technology to a surface hardness value of 700 HV. The hardness of the core material of the container is 30 HRC. The barrels are made of CrV steel and treated by carbonitriding to the depth of 0.5 mm. The hardness of the core material of the barrel is between 45 and 48 HRC. Surface hardness of the carbonitrided layer is from 52 to 54 HRC. The frame is made of high quality polyamide GF 30.

The Q100 model was created with a combination of the unique locking principle proven by model K100 and the original trigger mechanism with a striker fire. The gun is optimized in order to simplify the handling, using minimum controls. The Q100 is primarily intended for armed forces and self-defense. The unique rotating barrel locking system has gained it's popularity among shooters all over the world. The rotating barrel system is protected by international patents and is a registered trademark Grand Power.