• Caliber:9mm Luger
  • Trigger mechanism:N / A
  • Trigger pull weight:16N
  • Overall length:187 mm
  • Height without magazine:133 mm
  • Width:34 mm
  • Barrel length:93 mm
  • Weight:680 g
  • Standard magazine capacity:15 + 1

The Q1 is a new, compact model derived from our successful striker fire model, the Q100, yet more suitable for concealed carry in both, civilian and professional applications.
The Q1 is a striker fired semi-automatic pistol with a very smooth SA trigger that makes for a precise shot even in stressful situations. The trigger is equipped with a safety mechanism that functions autonomously, without the need to manually engage the safety. To further enhance the safety of this remarkable pistol, there is an automatic safety feature present that prevents from accidental discharge.

As with most of the GRAND POWER pistols, you will find the unique locking mechanism via barrel rotation, that provides for significantly reduced and more pleasant recoil, increased accuracy and decreased muzzle flip. As a result the user will experience more accurate shots with increased speed of follow-up shots. Unlike other rotational barrel solutions, the rotation of the Q1 barrel is made by a combination of a rolling pin and a specially curved surface on the barrel, which makes for increased reliability even in harsh conditions, making the gun less susceptible to failures.

The Q1 possesses a polymer grip with a steel insert manufactured by milling and drilling from a single piece of high quality steel. Exceptional quality is maintained through out other parts as well, such as a slide which is machined from a single piece of steel and a bushing less bull barrel. State of the art technology and top notch materials are used for all the parts. In Order to fulfill the needs and desires of all users, fully ambidextrous controls are present and four interchangeable backstraps are available.
If you are looking for a concealable carry gun for everyday use with excellent range results, or for a service gun you can rely on, the Q1 is a great choice!