K22 TS


K22 TS

  • Caliber:.22 LR
  • Trigger mechanism:SA / DA
  • Trigger pull weight:N / A
  • Overall length:237,5 mm (6“ version)
  • Height without magazine:144 mm
  • Width:36 mm
  • Barrel length:6“ / 8“
  • Weight:712 g
  • Standard magazine capacity:10 + 1

The K22 TS, (TS stands for Target Sport) is our solution for long range rimfire shooters, however, we managed to maintain other benefits of GRAND POWER rimfire pistols as well. The K22 TS is manufactured in two barrel length variants, 6” and 8” in order to accommodate to shooters needs as well as local legislation. A long barrel provides for excellent accuracy and we accompanied it with a fully adjustable micrometric type rear sight as well as a fibre optic front sight. The barrel is threaded for accessories. Thread protector is included. Our crisp SA/DA trigger is famous for it's short reset and further enhances the accuracy of follow-up shots. The unique slide design makes it light, despite the fact that it is made from a single piece of steel, unlike many other rimfire handguns, providing great reliability as well as a long life. Generous chamber access space allows for easy manipulation in case of ammo malfunction. To further increase the durability of the K22 TS, it is built from the same parts as our larger caliber pistols, including the steel insert and Mk12 polymer frame.

For owners of other GRAND POWER pistols, full size controls with an identical layout will be most beneficial, making the K22 TS a great training tool. The K22 TS can also be fitted with many of the same parts used to customize your larger caliber GRAND POWER pistols. An accessory rail is also present for your light, laser or other accessories. Interchangeable backstrap covers the lanyard hole. Enlarged sport safety levers provide a rest for your thumb and can be replaced with lower profile versions.
The K22 TS possesses a sturdy polymer grip, in which there is a steel insert, considered the actual frame, manufactured by milling and drilling from single piece of high quality steel. Excellent quality is all maintained with other parts, such as the slide which is machined from single piece of steel or the massive bull barrel. State of the art technology and top notch materials are used for all of the parts. In order to fulfill the needs and desires of all our users, fully ambidextrous controls are present and four interchangeable backstraps are available. The K22 TS can be field stripped without any tools.