• Caliber:.22 LR
  • Trigger mechanism:SA / DA
  • Trigger pull weight:20-25N/ 35-40N
  • Overall length:173mm
  • Height without magazine:131 mm
  • Width:36 mm
  • Barrel length:94mm
  • Weight:595 g
  • Standard magazine capacity:10 + 1

The CP22 is our new member of rimfire family, built on tradition of our famous K22 and K22 X-trim models, both well proven and known for their excellent reliability, durability and long lifetime, but in smaller, more compact package.
As all of our rimfire models, the CP22 is built from exactly the same materials as our larger caliber models, such as K100, in fact, majority of the parts is the same as for 9mm models. This means the CP22 can boast with steel slide, machined from single piece of steel, as well as full thickness steel barrel and steel insert- internal frame containing all the parts – also machined from single piece of solid steel. All of these provide for excellent performance.

Our rimfire pistols are also famous for excellent trigger, the CP22 is no exception. Crisp, clean trigger combined with short reset allow for great accuracy, even with shorter barrel. For those who already own and carry our P11 9mm pistol, the CP22 provides partner for training, as the CP22 is built on the same frame/handle. Owners of our other models will appreciate same, full sized and fully ambidextrous controls with same layout as other Mk7 and Mk12 pistols. No matter if you decide to use the CP22 for training, relax, as a first gun, to teach somebody else or as a primary carry gun for those who may find stronger caliber a little too much, the CP22 will satisfy your needs.

The CP22 possesses anatomically shaped polymer grip with full sized trigger guard and Mk12 disassembly mechanism. There is a standard rail for accessories such as light or laser devices. Front and rear sights can be exchanged to other GP sights such as tritium or fibre optic sights to math your other GP pistols or to more accommodate to your needs. Besides standard CP22 model, the CP22W is available, with slightly longer barrel, threaded and provided with thread protector. For all the parts, state of the art technology and top-notch materials are used.